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Strong backup from planning and development of the products to
management and promotion.

Our mission is to contribute to our customers' wealthy life by "The products that are worth well more than the price" "Reliable quality" "Stable supply of products". With its effort, we share pleasure with customers, retailer shops, suppliers and aim to become a company that can make contributions to society. "We'd like to provide our customers with the products that are worth well more than the price." In order to make this desire come true, furniture retailers get together and establish a cooperative union, which was a start of Livins. Even now, after it is reorganized to a joint-stock corporation, we still value the original idea from inauguration and as a membership wholesaler, combining Livins member shops, suppliers and Livins, we are pursuing development and sales of the products that are worth more than the price.

Development planning


Planning and development of furniture

We provide member shops with Livins original products that are planned and developed with domestic and overseas suppliers. Close coordination betweenLivins and member shops enable attractive product development by reflecting information from the shops. Also, a huge volume of buying cut costs significantly and establishes stable supply of products. Our large-scale warehouse located in Kyu-shu area firmly supports distribution of products.


Direct import of overseas products

Pursuing advantage of price and quality, we import about 2,000 containers of products per year from abroad, mostly from Asian countries. Proportion of overseas products to Livins sales amount is increasing year after year. With the increase of imported products, we set up overseas offices in China and Vietnam in order to carry out thorough quality control and built strong links with local manufacturers. We are working on product development and quality control based on business plan. In the future, we are planning to set up other offices in the countries that we have business with.

Quality control


Thorough quality control

We will continue to be particular about also quality, as well as design, functionality and price. Our staffs at oversea offices are in charge of quality check of the imported products. Quality has been maintained by taking right action at right time. Also, domestic quality control thoroughly inspects quality of products. This control system made it possible to supplythe products of the stable quality. Also, in 2005, we started to address low- formaldehyde products under the catchphrase "Declaration of Healthy Furniture". We have been seeking alleviation of formaldehyde by enclosing "Formaldehyde Absorbing Sheets" in packages.

Distribution system


We deliver our products across the country
from large-scale logistics center.

Our logistics center located in Kyushu area is about site area of 28,100 square meters inclubing warehouse of about 13,220 square meters. It is "a logistics base" of Livins that covers central buying from home and abroad. We drastically save shipping costs by effectively supplying products from our logistics center to member shops. Also, our own computer system control logistics operation accurately and promptly.

Management support


Guidance in management, finance and
storefront design

We provide detailed advice on corporate and financial management, personnel training, selling floor design and operation, special events and product display. Computer-based information assists in sales performance, with solid results.


Strategic utilization of information system

We offer our own core system that supports operation in member shops. Livins headquarter and member shops and warehouse are connected on the network, and the data is consolidated at headquarter. The data is utilized for various strategies including product development by using analytical system.

Promotional support



Promotion support to membership shops

Know-how that member shops have and knowledge that specialists have are dynamically integrated. We make year-round schedule of promotion and offer various support materials. The smooth flow from awareness to purchasing is created by promotion optimized to customer purchasing behavior and scene.